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Know More about Gomoku and Its Rules

Posted by baishali in Gomoku

The traditional game of Gomoku was introduced by the Japanese people and is also referred as “Five in a Row” in English. Although the rules of Gomoku are simpler and easy than Gobang and generally played by children but for playing Gomoku, you need to use the right logic and strategies that makes the game both interesting for you and difficult for opponent. It is true that the game of Gomoku was discovered during the ancient ages but continues to be a popular game throughout the world. Gomoku can be played both online and offline but many people play Gomoku online because you do not have to search for a partner and can enjoy different variations of the game.

There are different variations of Gomoku such as free-style Gomoku, standard Gomoku, and Caro and it is important to play each game with different variations. Gomoku is a Japanese name and is referred as gomokunarabe. Generally, Gomoku is played on a board of 15×15 with the main objective of the placing the five stones in a row whether in a straight line, horizontally, or diagonally. Parents should encourage their kids to play Gomoku whether online or offline, as it would help them develop their thinking abilities as well as concentration power. If your child is playing Gomoku online, then make sure the gaming website he or she has chosen is reliable, as well as your child maintains a proper balance between his or her game and studies.

It is advisable that you should be well aware of the rules while playing Gomoku. In this game, the player with black pieces makes his or her first move whereas the Gomoku players should place the stones where the lines interact rather than placing the stones on the squares. Make sure you are aware of the rules of Gomoku before playing and the pointers discussed below would teach you ways to play Gomoku along with a partner.

•    Place the go board and make sure that each player has sufficient supply of stones. Moreover, the total number of stones generally depends on the size of the board you are using to play Gomoku. Additionally, you need to have back and white stones while playing the game but it is a rule that the player with the black stones would make his or her first move.

•    Place each stone carefully and in a manner that does not allow your opponent to take advantage of your positions. You should be thoughtful while placing the stones and the early you place the five stones in a row you would be the winner.

•    Make sure to place the stones alternatively on the Go board and once you would make your move the stones should not be moved from one place to another. You should not confuse Gomoku with Capture Go.

•    It is good to know that the player with the black stones has an advantage, as he or she would begin the game. Therefore, make sure to consider this factor while making your move so that you can take over the attack.

•    Gomoku players should have an eye for details and watch each step of his or her opponent carefully and diligently, as it would help you win the game easily and without difficulty.

Gomoku is a strategy game that should be played with complete understanding and knowledge therefore; make sure to remember the above-explained actors when playing Gomoku online.

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