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Việt Nam toàn thắng tại giải cờ tướng cá nhân châu Á 2011

Sáng nay 4/11, lần đầu tiên sau 31 năm lịch sử của giải vô địch cờ tướng cá nhân châu Á, kỳ thủ người TP HCM Nguyễn Hoàng Lâm đã đăng quang giải nam sau khi chiến thắng ở trận chung kết “toàn Việt Nam”.

Nguyễn Hoàng Lâm

Nguyễn Hoàng Lâm

Danh thủ Nguyễn Hoàng Lâm đã trở thành tân vô địch của môn thể thao trí tuệ mà bao năm qua vẫn được cho là “quốc bảo”, là độc tôn của người Trung Quốc. Bất ngờ đã đến khi cả hai kỳ thủ nam Việt Nam là Nguyễn Hoàng Lâm và Bùi Dương Trân thi đấu ấn tượng và dẫn đầu sau 5 ván vòng một, trong khi đó hai đại cao thủ của Trung Quốc là Lữ Khâm (5 lần vô địch thế giới) và Vương Dược Phi chỉ xếp thứ 5 và 6. Lần đầu tiên sau 31 năm, các kỳ thủ Trung Quốc không vào nổi vòng bán kết, dẫn tới một thất bại lớn đối với làng cờ tướng nước này.

Với phong độ cao, hai kỳ thủ Nguyễn Hoàng Lâm và Bùi Dương Trân đã biến trận chung kết của giải vô địch châu Á 2011 năm nay trở thành cuộc đối đầu nội bộ “toàn Việt Nam”. Nguyễn Hoàng Lâm chiến thắng và lên ngôi vô địch. Bùi Dương Trân giành HC bạc.

Nguyễn Hoàng Lâm và Ngô Lan Hương

Nguyễn Hoàng Lâm và Ngô Lan Hương

Ở bảng nữ, Đặc cấp quốc tế đại sư Ngô Lan Hương cũng vào tới trận chung kết và vượt qua được Trần Lệ Thuần (Trung Quốc), giành tiếp tấm HC vàng thứ hai cho đội tuyển Việt Nam.

From vnexpress.

Congratulations to the Vietnam Chinese Chess team who just returned from Macau with the top prizes proudly in their hands.

Nguyễn Hoàng Lâm & Ngô Lan Hương

Nguyễn Hoàng Lâm & Ngô Lan Hương - vnexpress

Vietnamese players took two gold medals in the men’s and women’s contests at the 15th Asian Xiangqi (Chinese Chess) Individual Championships that ended in Macau on Friday.
In the men’s event, Vietnam’s number one Nguyen Thanh Bao stayed at home to prepare for the World Chinese Chess Championships in Indonesia late this month.

The new Vietnamese champions

However, Nguyen Hoang Lam and Bui Duong Tran upset all the big rivals before playing the all-Vietnamese final men’s individual match; and Lam beat Tran to win the gold.

The Chinese players Wang Yue Fei and five-time world champion Lu Qin were the favorites for the title, but they failed to advance to the semifinals.

Vietnamese female player Ngo Lan Huong lost to China’s Chen Li Chun in the women’s individual group stage but beat Chen in the final match to win the gold medal.

This is the first time the Vietnamese chess players have won the gold medals since the Asian Chinese Chess Championships were launched in 1980.

The Chinese Chess event this year attracted 20 male and 10 female players from 16 countries and territories, including Vietnam, Taiwan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, India, Australia and hosts China.

Are you fond of playing strategy games, as they help in the effective functioning of your brain? Have you ever played Xiangqi or modern Chinese chess? Xiangqi is one of the popular strategy games enjoyed my people especially in the Asian countries. It is good to know that not anyone playing modern Chinese chess would have much difficulty playing Xiangqi but there are few rules that are different and should be remembered when playing the game whether online or offline. Read on for more information on Xiangqi or Chinese chess.

Similarly as western chess, chaturanga, and Indian chess, Xiangqi is also a board game and should be played between two players. As said earlier, if you are aware of the rules of Chinese chess, then you might not have difficulty in understanding Xiangqi but there are few rules and specifications, which Xiangqi players should understand before playing the game. According to many experts, the origin of the game Xiangqi can be dated back to the 9th century and is believed to have been introduced by the Chinese. Although a board game but the board used for playing Xiangqi is different compared to the board used to play Chinese chess. Moreover, in a Xiangqi board you would find the center to be separated by the river, the elephants are not allowed to cross the river, etc. Make sure to be aware of these rules before playing Xiangqi.

Resembling Chinese chess, Xiangqi is also a fight between two armies, where each one of them try to capture the general at the earliest. Xiangqi is a popular strategy game with some of the distinctive features such as the movement of the cannon or the pao, which is crucial and should be moved carefully. Secondly, the river and the palace boards are two important features, as they help in restricting the movement of certain pieces. This is a popular game not only in Chinese communities but also in Vietnam but make sure you are aware of the rules before playing Xiangqi.

Searching the web would help you many gaming websites where you can play Xiangqi online. However, if you are more interested in playing the game with a partner you should have the necessary things required to play the game. At first, gamers should have a Xiangqi board with 9 wide lines and 10 long lines. Moreover, the Xiangqi pieces are placed on the interconnecting lines known as points whereas, the straight up and flat lines are referred as files and ranks. One of the major objectives of playing Xiangqi whether online or offline is capture the general and it being a strategy game, players should make sure to play the game with complete understanding and knowledge. It is important for children to play Xiangqi, as it helps them develop their analyzing and analytical skills.

Playing Xiangqi online has become a popular choice among many gamers, as you do not have to pay any fees, as well as find a competitor easily. Moreover, if you are not sure about the ins and outs of the game, then you have an option to choose the level of the game that suits your age. Whether you opt to play for Xiangqi online or offline, it is important to understand the techniques and strategies involved in the game to enjoy the game to the fullest.

What is Xiangqi? Xiangqi is strategy board game introduced by the Chinese and is also known as western chess, chaturanga, shogi, etc that has become quite popular throughout the world. If you love playing Chinese chess then you should also play Xiangqi, which is quite similar to western chess with slight variations. There are many gaming websites where you can play different levels of Xiangqi and enjoy the game to the fullest.

The game of Xiangqi is played between two opponents with a sole motive to capture the opponent’s general piece. Moreover, in case of Xiangqi the player has to focus on the movements of the cannon or the general, thus having certain similarities with modern chess. Xiangqi is a popular game in China like modern chess and similarly, the general is the king in Xiangqi whereas the other pieces are referred as advisor or guard, who protects the general or the king from being attacked. Besides the advisor or the guard there are also the Elephants, Horses, Chariots, and Soldiers, the pieces you might also find in modern chess.

Xiangqi consists of certain features that might not be present in modern chess such as river, palace, and you should place the pieces on the intersecting lines rather than on the squares. Studies have indicated that, the Xiangqi pieces were discovered by the Song dynasty whereas the chessboard was originally discovered by the Ming dynasty. It is true that there are thirty-two pieces in a Xiangqi set and if you visit the Shanxi Museum of History, you would find the Xiangqi set discovered by the Song dynasty.If you ever visit Beijing, you might find many people enjoying a game of Xiangqi on the streets. With the advent of the Internet, many people prefer playing Xiangqi online; as they help you enjoy the different levels of the game and add more to the excitement. Whether you want to play Xiangqi online or offline, you should be aware of the rules of the game so that you can enjoy the game to the maximum. Anybody interested in Xiangqi should be aware of the fact that the intersecting lines are the points, the erecting lines are the files, and the flat lines are the ranks. Additionally, to your knowledge, the obstacle created by the infantry or the pawns is reduced largely. In case of modern chess, the cannons can jump and capture in case of Xiangqi to threaten the opponents, which might not be similar to modern chess. Lastly, the king or the general can move within the palace, due to which they can be easily captured unless they are defended by the other pieces.

While playing modern chess, the gamer needs to focus upon the few rows in the center, which may not be present while playing Xiangqi. Additionally, the chessboard used in Xiangqi would be somewhat bigger than the board used in western chess although the total number of pieces would be the same. It is true that the pieces used in Xiangqi may not be as strong and powerful as modern chess, but you need to play the game carefully and with detailed attention. Moreover, pieces such as the chariot, pawn do not play a major role in case of Xiangqi. Make sure to be thorough with the rules while playing the game.

Xiangqi or Chinese chess is an important part of China’s cultural heritage and it was considered that playing musical instruments, playing chess, and painting are some of the essential skills to be present in a learned scholar. According to the Chinese, playing Chinese chess helps a person to refine his or her character and personality. According to experts, Chinese chess was invented by the Chinese and holds similarity with the Western chess with slight variations. Although millions of people throughout the world play Chinese chess, the present form of the game has hardly undergone any changes. This article provides you more information on Chinese chess.

The actual origin of Chinese chess is still unknown, as many believe that the God of farming Shennnongshi invented it whereas, others believe that the game came into form during the Warring States Period, thus making the origin of Chinese chess a mystery. Xiangqi or Chinese chess is considered as a strategy military game and for many years it was popular among the aristocratic people. If you ever visit China, you may find people playing Chinese chess on the streets also gathered by onlookers. It is true that Chinese chess is an interesting game to play but one needs to have proper understanding and practice regularly to gain mastery and excellence.

Chinese chess is a two-player strategy game that can be played both online and offline. Like Western chess, the pieces placed in the board should be moved after much thought and consideration. Moreover, if you are playing with an intention to win make sure you are thorough with the rules of Chinese chess. Moreover, there are certain game-play and strategies that the gamers should understand before playing Chinese chess. The tips discussed below would help you know the important game-play and strategies.

•    Chinese chess is considered as a mind-engaging game due to several reasons such as the barrier of paws is greatly reduced, the cannons or the soldier try to capture the enemy in the beginning and since the general is restricted to move within a single place, it needs to be properly protected by other pieces to avoid being checkmated.

•    According to many players, due to the size of the board and the less number of low-range pieces, it may take ample time for the pieces to move from one place to another and the game may remain focused on a particular area. Therefore, many gamers have started playing Chinese chess online, as it helps them enjoy different variations of the game and most gaming websites provide an option for the players to play the game to suit their level and age.

•    One of the effective ways or strategies to play Chinese chess whether online or offline is to make the king or the general stay at his starting point. Moreover, you should position one elephant and one advisor in front of the general on either sides of the general. With the help of this setup, it would become easier for you to keep the general safe and protected. However, you should be careful not to lose any elephant or advisor, as it can make it easy for your opponent to capture the general. There are many strategies, which can be useful for the gamers interested in Chinese chess. Moreover, players interested in Chinese chess should play the game in the right spirit.

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Chinese chess is one of the popular games, which can be played among people of all ages but what makes Chinese chess so popular? According to many gamers, playing Chinese chess not only requires an active participation on the part of the player but also makes the player think before each move, thus adding to the fun and excitement. Moreover, one can learn to play the game at any age, as age is not an important factor therefore, whether you are young or old Chinese chess is just the game for you and there are gaming websites to enjoy the game free.

Playing Chinese chess is one of the ways to keep the brain active, which is important for both children and elderly people. According to many researchers, playing Chinese chess regularly helps in the proper functioning of the brain and helps fight old age problems such as mental numbness, forgetfulness, loss of concentration etc. Therefore, it is important for parents to realize the importance of playing Chinese chess at the earliest. Besides Chinese chess there are other board games such as scrabble and Chinese Checker which also help in developing your brain muscles and critical thinking abilities. For those who love playing Chinese Chess can play the game online anytime of the day.

During the ancient ages, Chinese chess was considered to be played by the intellectuals and the people with the critical thinking abilities. However, with the advancement of time, Chinese chess is now played by people of all ages throughout the world. Moreover, the introduction of Internet has made things easier, as gamers can find their competitors easily and play the different levels of the game for more fun and excitement. Make sure the gaming website you have chosen for playing Chinese Chess does not ask you for any registration fees and is reputed and reliable.

There are various benefits of playing Chinese chess and some of them have been described below:

•    Children playing Chinese chess regularly right from the childhood helps in the development of their thinking and analytical power. Moreover, playing Chinese chess frequently would improve the decision-making ability of the child, as well as keeps them alert and attentive.

•    Kids who play Chinese chess on a regular basis learn the important ways to strategize the aspects of life through the game. Moreover, children also stay attentive and alert, which would help them concentrate both in classroom and in sports.

•    Proper planning and understanding is important for children to experience growth in life. When playing Chinese chess, one has to move the pieces after much thought and consideration, which helps children do the same in their everyday life.

•    Children, who play Chinese chess regularly, solve problems after thorough analysis and assessment. Moreover, many researchers believe that playing Chinese chess would promote skills and abilities such as creativity, concentration and problem solving abilities.

If you want your child to become a better human being or your aged parents to fight against Alzheimer’s and memory loss problems, then one of the easy ways is to encourage them to play Chinese chess. However, parents should be careful because playing any game regularly would make the child addictive, thus hampering their studies. Choose a good gaming website to play Chinese Chess online.

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Do you like playing strategy games for the better functioning of your mind? If yes, then you are likely to be aware of the popular game Xiangqi or Chinese chess played throughout the world. It is true that Xiangqi is not different from modern chess but players of Xiangqi need to follow certain rules when playing the game with a partner or online. This article helps you know more about Xiangqi or Chinese chess.

Xiangqi is a two-player game and belongs to the same family as western chess, chaturanga, and Indian chess. Although Xiangqi players have to follow some of the similar rules and principles as modern chess but there are many specific rules that are not found in modern chess or Chaturanga. Studies have indicated that the history of Xiangqi can be dated back to the 9th century, thus giving it a rich history. Additionally, the board used in Xiangqi is different compared to the board used to play modern chess. This is because; in a Xiangqi board, the centre is separated with a river; the Pawns are promoted after crossing the river whereas the Elephants do not have the permission to move across the river, thus making it slightly more difficult for the players.

Xiangqi or Chinese chess is also referred as the war game or a battle between two armies with each one of them trying to capture the general’s piece at the earliest. This popular game has some of the distinctive features, which includes the moving of the cannon or the pao, the movement of this piece is crucial, as it prevents the general from facing each other directly. The other important feature is the river and the palace board; these pieces also help in restricting the movement of certain pieces. This “Elephant Game”, is not only popular in China and some of the Chinese communities but also in Vietnam. Make sure to be thoroughly aware of the rules before playing Xiangqi.

Xiangqi can be played both online and with a partner offline. For those interested in playing the game with a challenger should have a Xiangqi board, which has 9 wide lines and 10 long lines. The pieces used to play the game are placed on the intersecting lines also known as points. It is good to know that the vertical and horizontal lines are referred as files and ranks. The main objective behind Xiangqi or Chinese chess is to checkmate your challenger’s general. Xiangqi being a mind engaging game, the players have to play with complete understanding of the game. According to many experts, children who play Xiangqi regularly, have a developed thinking power and problem solving abilities.

These days, many people choose to play Xiangqi online, as it can be enjoyed free and one does not have to look for a competitor. Moreover, if you are a beginner you can choose the level of the game to suit your age and play accordingly. Whatever may be your medium to enjoy the game; Xiangqi players should always have a thorough understanding and complete information of the game to enjoy it completely. Moreover, Xiangqi being a popular game played throughout the world, there are many gaming websites offering the game, make sure the website you have chosen is reputed and reliable.

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Blind Chess

Blind Chess or Cờ Úp

In Blind Chess, the pieces are randomly shuffled on both sides. Most of  the opponent’s pieces are also hidden. You can only see your own pieces and have to memorize or guess your opponent’s pieces by watching his/her moves. That’s why it’s called Blind Chess.

This variation is very popular among Vietnamese people. It adds a little more strategies into the game and is surprisingly fun. If you’re a Chinese Chess lover, you must try this. This variation is only available @ VietSon.com. Don’t forget to register an account first.