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The well-known strategy game Gomoku is popular all throughout the world also giving rise to the various gaming websites where one can play Gomoku online. Before playing the game whether online or with a partner, it is important to understand the game thoroughly. Moreover, the gamers should have complete information about how to place the stones, whether to place the stones orthogonally or diagonally. Gamers who are more interested to play the game online should keep certain things in mind while playing the game.

Gomoku, which is also known as the “Five in a Row” game with black and white pieces on the board. In this game, the player with the black stones makes his or her first move and the player who is successful in making a row of black or white stones wins the game. Although playing the game online at various levels would be fun and exciting but you should play Gomoku without neglecting other work. It is true that playing Gomoku would not only help kids to develop their cognitive skills but also elders to spend time when feeling lonely and alone. According to many experts, playing Gomoku online would help aged fight against problems such as memory loss. There are various reasons to play Gomoku and some of them have been discussed below.

Firstly, playing Gomoku would help you challenge your mind, as well as improve your problem solving abilities. Many gamers choose to play Gomoku online, as there are various levels of the game, also adding to the fun and excitement of the game. Secondly, playing Gomoku is one of the easy ways to improvise your concentration, as one has to think about the movement of the stones and place them in the right manner. Thirdly, playing Gomoku helps you improve your memory, as one has to memorize the rules of the game and play accordingly. Therefore, kids who are fond of this strategy game should be encouraged but those interested in playing Gomoku online should remember the important points discussed below:

•    When playing Gomoku online, players should make sure, the chair is kept in the right position with the player’s feet flat on the floor. The arms of the player should be comfortably placed on the desk and the monitor should be kept about an arm’s length.

•    It is advisable to place the keyboard and the mouse at a place where they can be used easily and comfortably. When playing Gomoku online, players may have to use the mouse repeatedly therefore, it is good to hold the mouse in the correct manner to avoid problems like carpal tunnel.

•    Make sure to take breaks when playing Gomoku online, as playing the game for hours may cause back pain and taking breaks would help gamers reduce the pain.

•    It is also a good idea that kids should set a time for playing Gomoku online, to maintain a proper balance between their studies and playing the game. This would also help them enjoy the game, as well as concentrate on their studies.

It is important to play Gomoku online keeping in mind the aforementioned points, as it would help you reduce the amount of strain on your body. Moreover, it would also prevent your body from severe health issues such as back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. Play Gomoku to reduce stress not to increase stress.

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