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The popular Japanese game Gomoku is also known as “Caro” or “Connect Five”. According to many gamers, Gomoku shares many similarities with the ancient game “Gobang”, as it uses the same board and pieces. However, the rules are simpler in Gomoku compared to Gobang and the game can be played by children as well but to become an expert they should practice the game regularly. Moreover, Gomoku being a strategy game would help you develop your cognitive skills for which you should regularly play Gomoku online.

Gomoku is a Japanese name and is known as gomokunarabe, in which “Go” means five, “Moku” means pieces and “Narabe” means games. This popular Japanese game is familiar to both the young and the elderly and the increasing popularity of the game has led to the introduction of the Gomoku game online.

Imagine your child playing Gomoku online during free hours rather than watching T.V. Sounds great. Right? You should encourage your child to play Gomoku whether online or offline, as this strategy game and helps in improving the logical thinking and reasoning capabilities of your child. There are many more benefits of playing Gomoku online:

•    Play Gomoku Online to Relieve Stress:

Games, by any means are entertaining and exciting and games like Gomoku add educational value as well. Wherever you feel bored or want to relax after a tiring day or want to stress-out, then playing Gomoku online would be highly beneficial. Moreover, you do not have to convince anybody to play the game with, as you would easily find a partner for you if you play Gomoku online. Additionally, there are different variations of the game available at various gaming websites due to which many prefer playing Gomoku online.

•    Play Gomoku Online for Social Interaction:

It is true that playing Gomoku online helps in developing social interaction between gamers, as you can meet new friend, chat, and discuss the techniques of the game. Moreover, as Internet users throughout the world can access this gaming websites, it helps them compete with people from different countries.

•    Play Gomoku Online to Develop Mental Faculty:

Gomoku being a strategy game helps in the development of the cognitive skills of the gamers. Moreover, the challenges put forward by most of the gaming websites would keep you engaged and invoke interest in you to play Gomoku online regularly. However, you should be careful not to make it an addiction, as it may prevent you from doing other important work.
•    Play Gomoku Online to Develop Confidence:

You should play Gomoku online, if you want to enjoy the reward and satisfaction that comes after achieving the goals of the game. Moreover, playing Gomoku online would help you have better eye-hand co-ordination and improve your concentration while studying or any other important work.

Gomoku, is a two-player board game like the modern Connect Four and there are many variants of the game available at various gaming websites. Make sure to choose a reputed gaming website that does not charge any fees when you play Gomoku online. It is a good idea to search the web and choose a good gaming website free of virus and spyware, which can harm your computer. Become smart by playing Gomoku online.

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