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Play Gomoku, aka Caro or Connect 5 Online.
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Variations of Gomoku and Caro are also available.

Online Players: 13 New Players: 1 Total Players: 11861
Caro Player: games_vui12 Rank #1
Level 91
Scores: 29945
Online 7 months ago
Channel 3000
Caro Player: suongiodoitrai Rank #727 (11)
Level 6
Scores: 1506
Online 2 minutes ago
Channel 3000

Rising Heroes

# Player Level
kelso 4
nangutongtre 3
nasake 0
397 vantho_2704 14
400 phamvantho 14
24 vantho_korea 40
195 satthu_78 22
483 mybabe 11
bendotinh 2
267 vantho_bmt2012 20

Caro Top Players

Do you love to play tic-tac-toe? If you are a fan of this classic game, then you will love Gomoku. Playing Gomoku (aka five-in-a-row) is like playing an amped up version of tic-tac-toe where cunning and skill create the luck you need to win the game.

If you are looking for good, clean gaming fun, try Gomoku online. Gomoku is a safe and entertaining way to pass the time while flexing your mental muscles. Here at Vietson.com we bring you the best in Gomoku online with traditional Gomoku as well as varied Gomoku themes. Find the one that best matches your personality and skill set or work your way through mastering them all.

Are your peers up for a little friendly competition? When your friends play Gomoku online at Vietson.com, you can click on their profile links to see their scores, which makes Gomoku online a fun way to earn bragging rights! With Vietson.com, you, your friends, and your family can enjoy the challenge of Gomoku and social network together in one handy location.

All muscles need exercise to properly function and the brain is no different. Playing online games can boost your memory capacity and develop your reasoning and strategic skills. Keep your brain active and healthy by playing Gomoku in a safe, clean and fun online environment.

If you have never played Gomoku, today is the day to try something new! So log on, press play, and enjoy the challenge of Gomoku online.

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