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Questions & Answers
  • What is Alliance?

    Alliance is a group of players who work together as a team to collect and share Credits from Quests and also compete with other groups.

  • Why should I join an Alliance?

    Joining an Alliance is another chance to earn you more Credits.

  • What is the downside of belonging to an Alliance?


  • Why can't I join an Alliance?

    Each Alliance has its own requirements. Some requires you to own an Icon, while other requires UNIQUE ICON... And you can only Join during the "Heroes Recruitment" period, from Day 1 to Day 3.

  • Why can't I unjoin an Alliance?

    Once you join an Alliance, you must stay for at least 28 days before you can unjoin. And you can only Unjoin during the "Heroes Recruitment" period, from Day 1 to Day 3. Alliances' leaders are not allowed to unjoin either. Some Alliances might apply penalize on you for unjoining, so think twice before joining or unjoining a specific Alliance.

  • When does the War start?

    At the begining of every Day 1 of week (Sunday). The lost Alliances from the previous war will be handicapped with a score of 30.

  • When does the War end?

    At the end of every Day 7 of week (Saturday). And a new War begins immediately.

  • How to collect Credits for my Alliance?

    You need to win your Quests either on Chinese Chess or Caro. Each time you win a Quest from a target who's not your Ally, you add the same or more amount (depends on your specific Alliance) of winning Credits to your Alliance.

  • How to earn Credits from my Alliance?

    At the end of every Day 7 (Saturday), the War ends. If your Alliance is in the top 3, all the allies will be rewarded. The total Credits earned by your Alliance will be divided up for each ally who won at least 1 quest. Allies who didn't win any quest, won't earn any Credit.

  • Does the Bonus Credits affect the Scores of the Alliances?

    No. The Bonus Credits are only valuble after your Alliance wins the War.

  • How are the Alliances' Scores calculated?

    Scores = Alliance's Credits before Bonus / (Quest Wins + Quest Losses).
    Alliance with higher scores gets better ranking.

  • How to become Leader?

    By the time the War ends, you must have the highest scores.

  • What is the benifit of being Leader?

    For now, it's just an Honor.

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